incubation & co-working space

Do you need an inspirational  place to work?

We rent desk space in a shared office environment work in our location. Co-working space gives you the benefit of a full-time office. you can choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like.

Our incubation  program is designed to help entrepreneurs while diving deep into the world of innovation. Whether you have a great idea and some inkling of what you want to do with it, or you are halfway down the path to getting funded and going to market..

Busines planning

Let’s make a plan!

We believe that business planning is a critical element to start or continue a business. Based on this belief, we do a feasibility study (prepare a business plan) to assess the business’ viability and market condition. In addition, our strategic planning services are designed to help existing businesses to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the major aspects of their operation.

Business model

Business Ideation

Business Plan

Business structuring

Shaping your company

We adopted the latest business structuring to review the effectiveness of revenue generation, and business development at the organization level and at the individual level of our clients. We start with auditing organization’s competence and productivity and provide them with recommendations for improvement.

Restructuting project

Branding & Business concept

Franchise advising

Marketing & Social Media

Financial & Management

Graphic design

The art as an expression of your dreams!

As a company, we have the only creation of designs that can be different from and outlined in the market.

All kinds of companies can continue with us for our complete and affordable graphic design services as  startups,  individuals and established companies.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Logo Design

Business Identity

Adverttisements desing



interior design

Web services

The accurate technology

We develope the best solution and support for your online requirements, our professional team always will be there to helping you to reach your goals.

Corporate web design

Hosting Services

Technical Support Services

PHOTOGRAPHY & Video editing

An image, more than thousand words

We create videos with the latest technologies, also we edit it, organize, fix, add effects, caption, background music and whatever else you like.

We will handle all the works for you.

Real Estates

Exhibitions and conferences


Sites & Factories

Products & Shops


Private Photography

Video Editing

Creating logo’s in 3D animations 



Global Talk

GLobal talk is a special time with the most brilliant minds of the business field, in a casual conversation with CEOs,  they share with the participants their experiences, advices and secrets to achieve the success in the business environment.

Ideation program

An ideation program TOTB (Think Outside The Box)  is targeting early stage entrepreneurs to help them bridge the gap from ideation stage to business and idea validation ending with a pitch to potential investors.

Any idea can be converted into a business!