Throughout the years and our collective experience, we have developed a dynamic model of strategy and planning that allows any entrepreneur to analyze their chances of success and risk, build successful strategies and project the future of their company.

Thinking step by step


Every step of our working model presents different challenges the businessman, who along with the accompaniment of our staff and the relevant methodological tools, empowers the management in effective business decisions.

We make the difference!

Our work does not end just with a business plan or document. Our support in the final results makes the difference, because it is necessary to confront the “change factor” with strategic adjustments that management can create.


To dream big you need to visit the future. We know how to do, through our foresight methodology we are able to assess social and technological economic trends, analyze the potential opportunities and designing by the entrepreneurial, a global vision of the company; no matter how large or complex the dream . If you can dream it, you can do it!

Looking to the future.

Our prospective model includes different actors in the company, it is collective thinking on the present that builds the future from the future.

Working with the collective mind

Our workshops are customized to suit the capabilities of the company, our tools are applicable to daily life of the entrepreneur, so make sure not only the obtaining of a consistent vision to reality, but also the ability to apply knowledge in future situations


The strategic planning is the result of a continuous reflection of the entrepreneur about their future and ambitions. Our model explores the different possibilities and ways of development to realize the entrepreneurial dream

The suitable way

Each methodology used in planning considers the size, financial capacity, logistics operations and human talent available, to the attainment of the planning activities. A realistic vision that ideal dream, gets it ever closer the entrepreneur.

Like a tailor.

The modeling strategy is certainly tailored to the entrepreneurial dream, like a tailor, we design flows of thinking and operations so as to be easily understood by all staff in the company. You dream it , we shape it.


Implementation of a project is the most important phase for a company, therefore, planned every step leads to an immediate action that carries in itself an objective, responsible, time and budget execution. The success of the project depends on its actors, with whom we have developed pillars of commitment and discipline.

Make it Real!

Through our monitoring and tracking model, we get feedback about the achievements in the implementation, thus, committees and meetings of control has a different key, we believe in the talent of your company!


Keeping the pace

The ambitious long-term projects have complex phases in the medium term where initiatives or assignments, either by lack of motivation or some change of course often aborted. Anyway, the initial fire starts any project which is easily turned off with time, here becomes crucial new impetus to develop a spirit committed to the plans and the company.

Passion and discipline

The Makeen model generates processes of individual and group coaching to develop operational disciplines, making the worker a person more committed, more balanced, more consistent with the objectives of the company. The reason for being of the company is its people, the reason for being of Makeen is your people.


The Geometry of chance

The plus of our strategic model is the ability to manage change. Unlike traditional strategic planning, our model includes a map of alternate reality, where different scenarios are considered, taking into account that sometimes external factors are more complex to manage. Different alternative realities allow the manager what to do in event that something happens.

Reducing risk, increasing opportunities

Our knowledge of the market and future trends, allowing us to display a map of opportunities and risks of its own hand-making model, allow us to change the direction in case of be necessary, without suffering negative consequences.

Makeen Business Model builds the future from the future!